Who uses filamet™?

Our list of industrial users has expanded rapidly. Putting the same power in the hands of home users has been our current focus. Our current corporate users include some big names. Likely the most recognizable is Calvin Klein in Italy, they are working on ways to actually manufacture items with Filamet. The Department of Energy is testing this technology as a way to 3D Print fuel cells for Nuclear Reactors. It's used by a hospital in Europe in a radiation cancer treatment facility. An aperture is 3d printed in the precise shape of the tumor being treated. Filamet™ is dense enough to block the radiation where it's not needed. A European trophy maker just requested the biggest quote for product we've ever had. 

what is filamet?

Filamet™ is the only product that lets a normal desktop 3d printer create Pure Metal Output. It's that simple. Today, there is no affordable printer on the market that will print with metal. And by affordable, we mean less than $1 million dollars. We are even finding that the large corporations that can buy the million dollar printers are still turning to our product. The high-end printers are expensive to operate, have a very slow print cycle (between 24 and 48 hours) and consume very expensive supplies. Using Filamet™ anyone can print and process a pure metal object in just a few hours. Filamet™ prints with exactly the same print settings as standard PLA filament, the most common plastic used in 3d printing. If your printer will run PLA, it will run Filamet™. This includes inexpensive handheld 3D Printing Pens.