The Basics

If you decide that simply polishing isn't enough, here's how you make your print into 100% metal.

Temperature: 205-210c Set your print bed to 50c (optional).

Speed:  1800mm/min  Filamet™ prints just like any other PLA 3d printing filament, with one exception. Go slow to start, this is the most common cause of rough prints. Our products are more than 3 times heavier than plastic filament. Because of this it takes 3 times more energy for your print head to heat the material, this often takes more time. Some of our users are adding larger heaters to their print heads to get higher print rates. With experience you can go faster, but for a quick win on your first try start at about 1800mm/min.

Layer Height:  Many slicers lay down an extra wide first layer to get good adhesion to the bed. This is no problem at all unless your first layer is very, very thin. With PLA it will simply squeeze out the sides, our product is much more viscous which slows this process. We've had a few people that thought their nozzles were clogging because of our product. In each case we've discovered it was caused by the nozzle being too close to the bed on the first layer. Once dialed in, we have people printing down to a layer height of .1mm.

Nozzles: .5mm  All of our development and testing was done with .4mm nozzles. Some people are even using .3's, but we recommend moving to a larger nozzle. You can go to a .5mm without losing a noticeable amount of detail. If you are having problems with clogging, this will likely overcome this problem.

Reel Placement When Printing: Because Filamet™ is different than other filaments it is very important to reduce friction and pull as much as possible when printing. We do this at the Foundry by hanging our reels from the ceiling just above the printer. Anyway you can reduce friction and pull will greatly reduce your chances for a break during printing.

Additional Help: Read through and post in our Forum, you will get a response. We focus a lot of our support effort on the discussion forums on this site. The applications for Filamet™ are endless, everything from jewelry to blocking radiation. We hope that you will share your experience and your application.


Important: See the Magic Black Powder process here: