Foundry Cubes

The Worlds First, and only, 
Desktop 3D Metal Solution!

Our Kits include everything you need to create stunning, 90+% metal 3D prints that look and feel like Pure Metal!

And if you like what you've polished, Sinter it into Pure Metal


3D Desktop Metal.

3D Desktop Metal.

Filamet™ is the only product that lets a normal desktop 3d printer create Pure Metal Output. It's that simple. Today, there is no affordable printer on the market that will print with metal. And by affordable, we mean less than $1 million dollars. We are even finding that the large corporations that can buy the million dollar printers are still turning to our product. The high-end printers are expensive to operate, have a very slow print cycle (between 24 and 48 hours) and consume very expensive supplies. Using Filamet™ anyone can print and process a pure metal object in just a few hours. Filamet™ prints with exactly the same print settings as standard PLA filament, the most common plastic used in 3d printing. If your printer will run PLA, it will run Filamet™.

The amazing Filamet enables you to achieve metal 3D printing on your desktop 3D printer! Created by company Virtual Foundry using 85% copper and PLA, the finished print can be polished to a decent shine or even kiln fired to leave a 100% metal item. Turn your desktop 3D printer into your own personal foundry!
I just wanted to write a quick email to tell you how much I am enjoying your product. I found the copper based filament I got from you to be so easy to use and without issue from the very first print I tried. I was initially worried that it would be hard to get good results or difficult to print correctly. Nothing could be further from the truth, it prints easy and smoothly on my Prusa i3 mk2 without any funny setup issues or special problems I have experienced with other specialty filaments.

My one request would be to offer larger spools so that changing out mid project would not be required on larger prints. —Thanks again, very satisfied.
— Gordon Novak