Benjamin Franklin in Filamet™ Copper

Just Print, Polish, Done!

The incredibly high metal Content in Filamet™, 90+% means that once you polish it, everything that's visible on the surface is pure metal. This means that your prints will Age, Patina, Oxidize, Etc. exactly like the metals they are infused with. Since the surface is pure metal after polishing, it becomes indistinguishable from a pure metal print. It's cool to the touch and has the proper weight.


Then... If you like what you see,
Sinter it into a Pure Metal Object.

Prior to Filamet™ 3D Printing any metal object required $1,000,000 printer (literally) and about a 48 hour production cycle. Using The Virtual Foundry's products and processes, anyone with a desktop 3d printer can print pure metal at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time. Very large corporations that own large-scale 3D metal printers are still turning to Filamet™. They find tremendous advantage in the low cost and quick production cycle realized by using The Virtual Foundry method. You can find very detailed instruction here: The Filamet™ Sintering Process.

Step One:  Our Sample model downloaded from Thingiverse. Nothing special

Step Two:  This example was prepared on the Makerbot desktop and printed on a Flashforge Creator Pro. 

Step Three:  Heat treat the print in a kiln to first vaporize the binders, then sinter the metal particles embedded in the print.

Step Four: A 3D print that's 99+% Pure Metal.

I find the Filamet™ print to be more attractive and looks more like metal.