The Virtual Foundry is a Metal Filament Manufacturer. We offer Complete Metal 3D Printing Solutions for individuals & organizations.

At The Virtual Foundry our purpose is to solve and simplify problems through innovative 3D printing materials. We continue to build key partnerships with businesses and people who understand that our products expand the value of their products. We steadily work to improve and grow our line of metal 3D printing filaments, accessories, and high capacity sintering furnaces.

3D printing with metal filaments makes it relatively simple to fabricate shapes and another advantage 3D printing with more than one metal at a time. It isn’t possible to cast two metals at the same time [in a foundry].

We are a materials manufacturer and create and sell materials for metal 3D printing.

Our materials change the way work is done throughout a range of industries and educational institutions.

Aluminum Metal Filament Spool for 3D printing


Aluminum Filament

Aluminum Filamet™ contains around 65% metal. Once fired in a kiln, the result is 100% metal.

3D Printer using metal filaments to print


Special Order

We offer a wide range of special order filament including: cobalt, iron, nickel, and titanium.

Stainless Steel 316L 3D Metal Printed Object

3D Printing Industry Startup Awards

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Metal 3D Printing on a desktop printer

Metal Filament

Filamet™ has the highest metal content of any filament on the market today at 80+%. Debind and sinter Filamet™ prints to create 100% full metal parts.

Filamet™ can be used on any FDM 3D Printer. Print and polish to a beautiful shine.

FilaWarmer for filament and PLA


One of the most important parts of the 3D Printing process occurs on the path from the spool to the printer.

The FilaWarmer dries and tempers the plastic binder, increasing flexibility and tensile strength, which eliminates filament breakage.

Parts of Nasa Space shuttle
Sintering High Capacity Furnaces

Sintering Furnaces

High Capacity, Faster Processing, Create Consistency

Anet A8 .jpg

Complete Systems

Sintering Furnaces, 3D Printers, 3D Printing Materials

ZF North America 3D Prints Parts Using Copper Filament


Open architecture 3D printing of parts using our Copper Filamet™. This video was provided to us by ZF North America. This part will be used for automotive transmission development.