3d metal printing

We're climbing a mountain and we want you to come with us!

This whole journey started with a quest to put metal 3D printing in everyone's hands. But what does that mean?

There are lots of ways to make things out of metal - and each technology has its place. 
There are lots of companies with the kinds of budgets that allow big-time hardware purchases.
And there are lots of processes mired in the sands of 'this is how it's always been done.'

So why The Virtual Foundry?

We're real people working hard to deliver a solution that fits a niche, conserves capital, and propels us all into the next industrial revolution. Well, we thought it would be a niche, anyway. Turns out this technology is fitting into seemingly unlimited applications.

We fit your machines. We fit your budgets. We fit your need to find better ways. We're changing how work is done by providing a clear path to pure metal parts on equipment you already have.

Big, right?

This mountain we're scaling...

We've been at it for awhile. Five years and counting. It seemed insurmountable at first. But now, what was once out of reach has become the norm.

And we aren't doing it alone. We've been collecting technology partners and industry leaders and supporters who embrace our vision. We're creating a community of innovators who see the mountain top and are ready to be there. They're driving change - not just in their own companies, but in entire markets because they saw what we see. Because they chose to move themselves forward on their own terms. Because they bring the new right alongside us.

Be a part of the community. Innovate. Create. Challenge the status quo. 

Put yourself on our team by understanding how The Virtual Foundry puts metal 3D printing in YOUR hands. Be a part of the group of creators, partners, experts and supporters driving us to change the world. Get to know us - and each other - and together we'll make things happen that once seemed impossible.

I look forward to climbing with you