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Meet our President: Tricia Suess

tricia suess president of the virtual foundry

As President of The Virtual Foundry (TVF), Tricia helped focus the presence of the company's innovative product line in the marketplace. She expanded the vision of The Virtual Foundry and has been a key driver in the company's customer-first philosophy.

Her primary aim was ensuring that our customers know our commitment to them and our products. Under her leadership, we implemented our promise for all our materials:  “Metal Printing Success, Guaranteed.”

With this enhanced direction, we have increased our customer base and continue to build confidence within the Metal 3D Printing Industry.

President- The Virtual Foundry

Member - Stoughton Chamber of Commerce  Board of Directors

President - Friends of Gazebo Musikk

Blue Belt in Karate


We know Tricia really well, and we want you to know her too.

What made you decide to be part of our team?
When I first heard about what was happening at The Virtual Foundry, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. The talent, the technology, and the future of 3D printing all present endless possibilities.

What do you like best about your role within the company?
The innovation here is stunning. Our people are constantly creating and developing new ideas. I enjoy the fast pace and the hyper-creative environment. 

What have you learned about the industry?
I am continually impressed by the ingenuity that comes from the minds in the industry. This field changes quickly and will continue to evolve and grow at a swift pace.

What do you think people need to know about TVF?
We continue to build key partnerships with businesses and people who understand that our products expand the value of their products. We steadily work to improve and grow our line of metal 3D printing filaments and accessories. At TVF our purpose is to solve and simplify problems through innovative 3D printing materials. We're changing the way work is done. Keep your eye on us!


Developed by some very nerdy chaps deep in the bowels of Madison, WI, the product is basically a high metal content 3D printing filament, which can run on just about any cheap printer anywhere. The key point to note is that it’s not expensive, doesn’t require an expensive printer, and yet can produce stunning results which go way beyond standard ABS or PLA plastic output .

Bradley Woods

Brad Woods, Inventor

Brad's life-long fondness for metallurgy and background in software engineering spurred a quest to study various methods of fabricating metal. It started in electrodepostion and shifted more to powdered metallurgy shortly after. The next logical step brought him to 3D printing. After printing his first object in plastic, the need for a metal solution became very clear and The Virtual Foundry was born.

In his search for printable metal, Brad knew that an important aspect of creating this tool would be wide usability. Developing what would become an open architecture solution led to the creation of Filamet™, a sinterable, high metal-content 3D printing filament that can be used in any Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer.

His love for this work continues with the constant development of new materials and the ongoing research for other methods of metal fabrication.

"This point in history sets the stage for the future of metal 3D printing, and the technologies developed by The Virtual Foundry are becoming the standards." ~Woods


It’s quite thrilling to be on the front edge of metal 3D printing technology. Brad and his team have developed something here that changes how work is done. Our innovative people have created a product within an open architecture that increases the efficiencies of current work systems and expands the value of our customers’ product offerings.
— The Virtual Foundry President, Tricia Suess