Aluminum Filament

No special equipment required.

An Impeller Rotation Indicator printed with an unmodified desktop 3D printer.

aluminum metal filament print.png

Aluminum Filament Printed part

Printed by Austin Triggs, one of our research and development team members. Printed on a Creality Ender 3 with Aluminum Filamet™.

This is an unsintered part. We are in the development stages of the Aluminum Filamet™ sintering process.

More information about the model can be found here.

impleller aluminum filament part printed on a 3d printer.png.png

Aluminum Filament Printed part- FRONt SIDE

Details: Aluminum Filament contains around 65% metal. Filamet™ enables any Fused Filament Fabrication printer to produce metal objects. Once fired in a kiln, the result is 100% metal.

aluminum filament part printed on a 3d printer.png

Aluminum Filament Printed part - close view

Reel Placement: Reducing friction and pull on Filamet™ during printing is important. Try hanging the filament reel just above the printer. Use a FilaWarmer to enhance success on the path from spool to printer.

Aluminum filament Spool for 3d metal printing on the desktop