Metal 3D Printing on a desktop printer, FFF or FDM, to print pure metal parts


What is different about our filaments to print metal parts?

Filamet™ has the highest metal content of any metal filament on the market today. 3D print metal, debind, and sinter prints in one of our sintering furnaces to create 100% pure metal parts.

Our metal filaments are a trademarked material called Filamet™.

Can these metal filaments be printed using a FFF or FDM printer?

Yes, our materials can be used on any Unmodified Desktop 3D Printer safely and at a much lower cost than other 3D printing solutions.

FilaWarmer for metal filament, plastic filament, and PLA


Are you having problems printing with metal filaments?

One of the most important parts of the 3D Printing process occurs on the path from the spool to the printer.

We have created a solution to improve the metal 3D printing process. The one and only solution for this is our FilaWarmer.

Can the FilaWarmer be used with PLA or other materials?

We primarily recommend the FilaWarmer to be used with our 3D metal printing materials. But, since it dries and tempers the plastic binder it can be used with a range of materials to increase flexibility, and tensile strength, and eliminate filament breakage.