All the advantages of 3D Printing, Plus:


Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable polymers.

  • Safety
    • No exposed metal particles
    • No volatile solvents used in the Debinding Process
  • Cost
    • 100% Open-Architecture, Filamet™ works with any FDM 3D Printer, the most common technology available.
    • No special debinding equipment
    • Works with easily available commercial sintering furnaces available through our website (and Alibaba).
  • Mechanical Advantages
    • Works in zero gravity
    • Not susceptible to external vibration
    • Prints in an open atmosphere
    • Particles are sealed in polymer throughout the printing process minimizing oxidation
    • Final Mechanical Properties are consistent with those of Metal Injection Molding and DMLS
  • Availability
    • Stainless 316L in stock, shipping now.
    • Copper and Bronze also available
    • A variety of steel alloys, titanium, and other materials are available by Special Order.
    • 1.75mm and 2.85mm and bulk Pellets are shipping now.
  • Scaleability
    • Scales to even the largest 3d printers

As an added advantage, Filamet™ can be used in standard Injection Molding equipment.


Filamet™Stainless 316L with a common FDM 3d printer