Tungsten filament Spool for 3d metal printing on the desktop

The Virtual Foundry is a manufacturer of a range of 3D printing filaments, materials, and sintering equipment. Rapid 3DShield Tungsten Filament is a patented material that has the highest density in the industry. Tungsten Filament is a metal infused PLA that offers a safe and affordable solution for a range of industries including prototyping, education, dental, radiation treatment, and manufacturing.

printing parts using Tungsten filament

Unlike other manufacturers of metal filaments, we create and design our patented series of filaments to print in any FDM or FFF 3D printer. Rapid 3DShield Tungsten Filament can be used in standard 3D printers that were created to print metal parts.

Printing tungsten parts is easy, requires no printer modifications, and creates parts that will not warp or shrink after printing. No need to make any adjustments to your printer because you can start printing metal parts today!


Rapid 3DShield Tungsten Filament has the highest density in comparison to other manufacturers including GMass™. Printed tungsten parts will be heavier due to the fact that it is a higher density filament.


Our metal filled series PLA filaments have a higher density compared to standard PLA. Parts printed in this filament will feel heavier. Due to the higher metal content we recommend that you use a stainless steel nozzle when printing to avoid abrasion and provide more stability when printing,


The filaments can be purchased in a filament form or pellet form that is nontoxic and doesn’t require any protective or safety gear.

what you need to know before printing with Tungsten filament

When printing, the smallest nozzle size that we recommend is 0.3mm. A FilaWarmer is not required for printing with Rapid 3DShield Tungsten Filament and at this moment we do not have any sintering information for Tungsten. With regards to the composition of our Rapid 3DShield Tungsten Filament, the percentage by mass is 95% and the density of Tungsten is 8g/cc.

Where to purchase TUNGSTEN FILAMENTS?

Many of our metal filled filaments can be purchased on our website. The Rapid 3DShield Tungsten Filament can be purchased online or by contacting one of our sales representatives. They can answer any questions you have about the high density Tungsten filament and offer a range of solutions. Not only will they become a 3D printing and radiation shielding resource, they will also be able to order your filaments so you can start printing protective metal parts.

Rapid 3DShield Tungsten Filament is available in our online store.