Wow, amazing product! - - Gmail

I just wanted to write a quick email to tell you how much I am enjoying your product.

I found the copper based filament I got from you to be so easy to use and without issue from the very first print I tried. I was initially worried that it would be hard to get good results or difficult to print correctly. Nothing could be further from the truth, it prints easy and smoothly on my Prusa i3 mk2 without any funny setup issues or special problems I have experienced with other specialty filaments.

Thanks for a great product.

My one request would be to offer larger spools so that changing out mid project would not be required on larger prints.

Thanks again, very satisfied.

Gordon Novak


Letter to a new Filamet™ user...


Getting Started...

Check out "Prepping Filamet™ for the Kiln". In this video we use much more powder than necessary. And I regret not shipping two pounds of it with each package. We are going to make this stuff available in larger quantities on our website asap.

I strongly encourage you to start by printing the Hello World STL File. Each roll has enough extra product on it to print this object twice. Once you print and fire it, you can send us a picture. From this picture we can get a good idea of what's going on and how to advise you.

You will also want to try polishing some of this right off the printer, with the plastic still in it. We use sewn buffs and Zam polishing compound. Even with the plastic present, the high metal content gives you a look unlike any other filament on the market, it blows ColorFabb right off the map! If you print solid, it will be so heavy and cool in the hand that most people will assume it's pure metal.

We will support you through this process until it works for you. 

A Real Life Rocket Scientist


It's true, a recent addition to The Virtual Foundry team, Steven Saunders, is former Jet Propulsion Laboratory senior Research Scientist. This is the highest possible Scientist designation within the JPL organization. From there he went to NASA to lead projects you've undoubtedly heard of. So, he isn't even your typical Rocket Scientist, he goes to 11. 

After seeing our product, and the factory we've built to make it, Steve helped us out with some early funding and spends a few days a week here at The Foundry. He's also on our board of directors. 

For more information give him a click: R. Steven Saunders (he's a really smart guy).

Staffing Addition

We want to welcome Jeremiah Chamberlain to the team at The Foundry!

Jeremiah joins us as Artist In Residence. Over the past few weeks he has taken the application and  finishing processes for our products to new levels. 

Jeremiahs background in Art, Special Effects and Gaming/Game Design brings a new perspective to our team. He has a background in Television and Movie Special Effects, 3D Rendering for video work. Jeremiah even did a stint custom-designing elaborate special effects for parties hosted by Hugh Hefner at the playboy mansion. 

We'll talk more about Jeremiah as we go along here, but he, and his dog G.I.R., have already had a very positive influence around The Foundry. 

Welcome aboard Jeremiah! This is going to be fun...