Full cycle solutions that including debinding and sintering equipment letting anyone 3D Print pure metal parts in-house for prototyping and short-run manufacturing. 

Sintering Furnaces for 3D Printing

Sintering Furnaces

This high capacity sintering furnace is suitable for all materials created by The Virtual Foundry.

The furnace is delivered as a package and includes:

• Pre-programmed controller
• Vacuum pump
• 1kg Al2O3 refractory ballast
• 0.5kg Powdered Graphite refractory ballast
• Crucible
• Manual
• Gloves and Tongs

Prices do not include shipping from The Virtual Foundry to the customer location.

For complete firing instructions, see the Use Instructions page in the section titled, Sintering in a Vacuum or Inert Environment.

All units have a maximum temperature of 1400°C (2552°F).

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Metal 3D Printing Materials Copper Filament, Bronze Filament, Stainless Steel Filament,

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